Mansion Museum
El Pinar

Built between 1898 and 1904, El Pinar is a living testament to the history of Mérida, Yucatán. With its design and imported materials evoking the grandeur of a European castle, it has been home to business leaders, politicians, and philanthropists. Since 2022, it has been transformed into a museum and event venue, preserving its legacy.


Owners of
El Pinar

Miguel Peón Casares

Henequen rancher, builder, and first owner

Humberto Peón Suárez

Hacendado Henequenero lived it for 48 years and added “Art Deco” elements, according to the style of the time.

Vicente Erosa Cámara

Erosa Cámara was a politician, banker, and businessman. He held it for 2 years before selling it.

Alberto Bulnes Guedea

Former Austrian Consul and philanthropist who purchased the house and transformed it into a cultural center.

José Trinidad Molina Castellanos

A businessman in the shipping and tourism industry, he lived there until he died in 2013.

Curiosities of
El Pinar


Imported materials such as Carrara marble, red brick, and French slate roofs were used in its construction between 1998 and 1904.


The house contains a collection of 19th-century Sevres tibors, a 17th-century Rocaille mirror, and Murano glass lamps from Venice along with other pieces.

Mansion Museum

The house stopped being inhabited in 2014. In 2022 it became a museum and event venue, maintaining its original state.

Historical Preservation

In 1982, "El Pinar" was designated as a Historical Monument of the City of Mérida, acknowledging its historical and architectural significance and ensuring its protection and preservation for future generations.

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A historical treasure of Yucatan that transports you to bygone eras.

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